Sheila J. Butler & Company is your resource for all types of Life Insurance and is here to help with any questions you might need answered.

For over 18 years we have helped people in the Atlanta Metro and West Georgia areas with managing the tough questions surrounding the need for life insurance.

Everyone’s situation is different when it comes to how much and what type of life insurance to buy.

Let us take all of the guess work out by developing a plan that will work in the short term and long term.

We have the top rated carriers and the expertise to bring different solutions to solve your specific issue.

Products we service:

  • Term Life
  • Whole Life
  • Second-To-Die Policies
  • Burial Assistance Policies
  • Long-Term Care / Life policies

We are partnered with all the major A Rated Carriers for life insurance.

Life Insurance Guidance and Servicing

Planning for the end of your life, or for the loss of a family member is no easy task. At Shelia J. Butler and Company it is our goal to provide simple steps to assist with handling this responsibility,

Step Number 1: (Analyzing)

Assessing your needs: Included with this information is a guide to help you calculate your current needs for life insurance. This form will provide assistance in areas that many fail to consider.

Step Number 2: (Education)

Choosing the right type of coverage: Once you have clearly established your current needs for life coverage, choosing the right type of policy to meet those needs is crucial. There are many different types of life policies such as: Universal Life, Term Life and even Whole Life. Comprehensive definitions of the many forms of life insurance are provided within this guide.

Step Number 3: (Reviewing)

Policy Review: If you possess an existing policy, this is the step where a thorough review of the policy should be conducted. Do you have enough coverage? Do you have the right type of policy? How long have you had your current policy? Does the policy address the ever-changing financial structure of your family?

Step Number 4: (Servicing)

Servicing the policy: How will you be able to keep up with yours and your family’s policy information? We will customize a spreadsheet that will allow you to review your policies and their values at a glance. You will be able to quickly determine the age of the policy, and if it is time to re-evaluate your needs. We value your privacy and it is our goal to service your policy with the utmost respect for you and your family.